Nina Grunfeld is internationally recognised as the successful creator of Life Clubs. She is also known for her compelling and entertaining public speaking, her intuitive and forward-moving one-to-one sessions, her Get A Life column in The Daily Telegraph and her practical and life-changing best-selling books:

  • The Big Book of Me
  • The Big Book of Us
  • The Life Book

Through Life Clubs, her series of 50 self-improvement workshops, Nina has changed the lives of individuals from every walk of life and helped teams at a wide range of corporate clients, including FTSE 100 companies and the NHS.


Before Nina started Life Clubs she was the author of over 15 how-to books and creator of the highly successful Nanny Knows Best brand with its own BBC1 television series, five books and two newspaper columns.


With the birth of her fourth child, Nina decided to turn her lifelong ‘hobby’ of helping individuals discover their purpose in life into a career. She realised that her true potential lay in making people happier and more fulfilled.


A wife and mother of four, Nina lives and works in Central London.